Kent State University College of Business Administration


Kent State University’s College of Business Administration offers two graduate programs, the Corporate Executive MBA and the Healthcare Executive MBA. Kent State University is located in Kent, Ohio. Students experience a hybrid learning program taking daily classes online and once a month meeting on campus for classes in a brick and mortar environment.



Kent State University’s (KSU) College of Business Administration (CoBA) was looking to provide a more user friendly online experience in its Corporate Executive MBA program. KSU realized that in today’s world, it is very difficult for adult students to meet the demands of a full time job while advancing their education. It was difficult for working graduate students to find time to be present in the classroom for a set period of time every week let alone everyday. With increasing competition from other schools and universities who offer convenient online programs KSU decided that it was the right time to explore the possibilities of online learning.

Before AMVONET, KSU’s CoBA had access to the online platform that was used on its main campus, Blackboard’s WebCT. This platform, however, was complicated to learn and use. It also lacked a unified system to easily produce and publish interactive content that would meet the high standards of KSU’s professors. WebCT also offered inadequate support that was crucial for the faculty and members of the administration of CoBA.

CoBA needed a solution that combined the latest technology, was easy to learn and use, and had comprehensive on-demand support for instructors and administrators.

KSU’s Solution (AMVONET):
AMVONET is providing CoBA with a fully integrated LCMS (Learning Content Management System). The AMVONET LCMS addressed all of CoBA’s needs in terms of the product features, support, and training.

AMVONET Features:

AMVONET Support and Training:

KSU was thoroughly impressed with AMVONET’s elevated support model which delivered to the needs of KSU in deploying such a product on a college wide basis. Instructors and professors were no longer frustrated by a learning curve and above all, it was easy to learn and use AMVONET despite the fact that for many of the instructors, this was the first time they had been exposed to setting up and teaching a course online. Continuous on demand training and support were offered to the KSU instructional staff to guide them through the system, answer any questions they had, and recommend how to manipulate and interact with content in their courses.

Program Success and Expansion: 

The success of the Healthcare Executive MBA program has paved the way for CoBA to expand its long running Corporate Executive MBA program online with the AMVONET solution. The administration wants to standardize the entire Executive MBA program on the same online platform. They saw the success students were having in the Healthcare E-MBA program, and adopted the same foundations for the Corporate Executive MBA program.