ACRT Incorporated.


ACRT Inc is the first and largest national vocational commercial urban forestry consulting firm in the United States, and the first national line clearance, tree care, urban forestry training organization. Their main focus is Utility Vegetation Management, where they help power companies provide safe and reliable electric service. ACRT Inc is located in the city of Akron, OH, they have been 100 percent employee owned since 2003, and work in most states, with satellite offices in several other states.

ACRT Offers:

ACRT’s Challenges:

One of the core competencies of ACRT is training for all employees. They place a high value on sharing with their clients and customers the years of knowledge that highly trained and educated employees have accumulated. ACRT’s training includes entry level training all the way to advanced arborist training programs. Their training includes both classroom and hands-on training.

With the company expanding, it was growing more difficult and expensive each year to hold training at various locations throughout the United States. Management and administration of face-to-face classes, traveling expenses, and time lost by people leaving their work place for training in a brick-and-mortar environment was becoming cumbersome for the company. Keeping track of all employees training progress was also becoming more difficult.

ACRT had invested in a MOODLE online platform to host some of their courses online. They could see the benefits of having one central location that all trainees could access from locations across the United States. However, this system was underused, underserviced and missing a live web conferencing and recording tool. It also lacked an authoring tool for creating interactive on demand content. Their attempt at moving more training online was falling short of what they had wanted to accompli


The full AMVONET LCMS (Learning Content Management System) and knowledgeable support staff was able to help ACRT take their online learning program to the level that they had originally intended. The functionality found within the AMVONET LCMS also allowed ACRT to think of new and even more engaging ways of training online. ACRT now had access to AMVONET Rooms where they could hold synchronous online training sessions and meetings, with trainees attending these sessions from all across the United States. Also, the AMVONET staff took over the role of Server Administrator from ACRT allowing them to focus on their core business. AMVONET was able to work with the ACRT staff to set up an environment that would meet their needs.

ACRT trainers could now focus on quality of the content covered, rather than delivery methods of the content. Adding new employees to introductory and orientation courses when they are first hired became their top priority, and they are continuing to develop courses for their more advanced training programs. The trainers were also able to closely monitor and keep track of how trainees were progressing through courses that they were taking.

AMVONET training sessions were also set up with the ACRT site administrator and ACRT trainers to introduce the system to them. These in depth sessions covered all of the functionality within AMVONET Manage, Connect, and Publish. The trainers were also able to get specific questions answered on “best practices” for online learning.

Many companies looking to increase productivity and efficiency in their training practices know that the technology is out there for them to use. Unfortunately, most companies do know have the experience or present knowledge to utilize such technologies. ACRT was able to find the solution to its product, support and training needs through AMVONET.