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AMVONET Product Brochure

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AMVONET is an Interactive Educational network and platform.

Created by an educator with an innovative vision РAMVONET offers a comprehensive e-learning management, collaboration  and authoring software suite that enables modern instructors to create and manage live and prerecorded MOOCS, interactive content, assessments, and certificates. Learn more about AMVONET and Moodle integration.

The platform is comprised of three distinct complementary integrated components: Manage, Connect and Publish.


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Provides instructors the ability to manage content, student accounts, progress reports and delivery of courses on demand.


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Provides a virtual classroom environment to facilitate live collaboration. Here instructors and students can communicate with each other via audio, video, text chats and collaborate over interactive white boards, multimedia files, documents and screen share. Any session can be recorded for viewing on demand.


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Provides content authoring tools with the built-in unique capability to easily edit and enhance any AMVONET recording using Interactive Points (iPoints). This patent pending technology allows instructors to create interactive content on the fly. Any AMVONET recording can be enriched with resources from any LMS or third party content residing anywhere on the World Wide Web.