Seamless Integration via iPoints

AMVONET’s system allows for total integration, both within a lesson when embedding web or other learning resources or when using AMVONET with existing Moodle products. This is done via the Publish lesson recording editing and publishing tool.

Included in the tool is unique functionality called interactive Points (iPoints). This patent pending system allows course designers to program points of interactivity in their lesson recording by embedding any LMS activity, like tests, forums, videos etc. and any World Wide Web resources into the final recording.

When students reach an interactive point in the lesson recording, they will receive resources such as web link, files, assessments, forum activities etc. to interact with.  The course designer also has the ability to program interactive points which present the student with a choice to repeat any of the information, access additional information and choose a path through the lesson which best suites his / her personal understanding of the given concept.