AMVONET is a comprehensive integrated solution that gives teachers exactly what they want: the same environment that they are accustomed to in a brick & mortar classroom but in a virtual setting.

Educators today need a range of tools. Currently those tools are provided by different vendors. That leads to different vendors supporting different products.

Before AMVONET, you might choose Moodle or Blackboard for your LMS, WebEx or GotoMeeting for web conferencing, and Camtasia or Adobe for content authoring. Meanwhile there is no integration between those products making it difficult to work with them in an ensemble.

AMVONET and Moodle change all of that, by providing a suite of offerings which not only encompasses the Moodle LMS with live virtual classrooms and lesson recordings but, the ability to edit recordings, content authoring tools and integration of it with other parts of the application.

In short, AMVONET is a 21st Century e-learning solution. With AMVONET you no longer have manage stand-alone technologies like course management systems, assessment systems, web conferencing software, and content authoring applications.

You can easily manage, record, edit, and publish interactive lessons and books in the blink of an eye. This delivers significant returns ranging from increases in teacher productivity and efficiency to student engagement and performance.

AMVOENT is simple, secure, and affordable. It’s comprehensive, integrated solution has changed the way thousands of educators and businesses operate worldwide.

  • Assistance a Click Away – live, on demand technical support services available for both teachers and students/employers and employees.
  • Simple – create, annotate & publish content – no programming experience needed!
  • All-In-One Product – the functionality of LMS, a live classroom and the ability to record, edit and publish lessons.

AMVONET & Moodle are helping to create and deliver effective, affordable, high-quality education opportunities for a diverse audience around the world.