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Why AMVONET is Unique Versus any Other Collaborative Product that Integrates with Moodle

The AMVONET ™ Software Solution consists of:

  • Moodle LMS
  • AMVONET ™ Manage (Moodle LMS Manager/Bridge)
  • AMVONET ™ Connect (Live Classroom)
  • AMVONET ™ Publish (Lesson recording, editing, Web Mixer (patent pending creation of iPoints technology) and real time publishing – no rendering needed).

The AMVONET software is unique and unavailable from any other vendor because:

1) This is the only integration of this range of tools (LMS, Live Sync Classroom, Lesson Recording and Recording Editing / Publishing) all in one software solution. Learn More.

2) AMVONET ™ has achieved unprecedented integration of the Moodle Learning Management System and both synchronous live classroom tools as well as lesson recording and editing tools. Learn More.

3) The AMVONET ™ Publish lesson recording, editing and publishing tool also includes unique functionality that gives course designers far more interactive capabilities for their lessons. Learn More.

The AMVONET Manage Bridge uniquely integrates all of the following AMVONET Connect and Publish functionality with the Moodle Learning Management System. Here are few major points.

  • Single sign-on access to Moodle and AMVONET ™.
  • Ability to create AMVONET ™ Live Session Activities and AMVONET ™ Publish Learning Module Activities within Moodle.
  • Access to the Moodle file library to deliver Moodle files during and from inside AMVONET ™ Connect Live Sessions or AMVONET ™ Publish Learning Modules.
  • Files uploaded in AMVONET ™ Connect synchronize with the Moodle file library.
  • Access to Moodle Weekly Outline Activities from inside of AMVONET ™ Connect and deliver within an AMVONET ™ Publish Learning Module.
  • AMVONET ™ Connect Live Session built in Grade book synchronized with Moodle Grade book.
  • Ability to create and administer Moodle Tests during and from inside of AMVONET ™ Connect Live Sessions or within AMVONET ™ Publish Learning Modules by using iPoint technology.
  • Results for Moodle Tests delivered through AMVONET ™ report to the Moodle Gradebook in real time.
  • AMVONET ™ Connect Live Session recordings available for playback in Moodle immediately after session recording is completed without rendering or file transferring.

3) The AMVONET Publish lesson recording editing and publishing tool also includes unique functionality called interactive Points (iPoints). This patent pending functionality allows course designers to program points of interactivity in their lesson recording by imbedding World Wide Web resources into the final recording. When students reach an interactive point in the lesson recording, they will receive resources such as web link, files, assessments, forum activities etc. to interact with.  The course designer also has the ability to program interactive points which present the student with a choice to repeat any of the information, access additional information and choose a path through the lesson which best suites his / her personal understanding of the given concept.