AMVONET’s Latest Infographic Released Today: “The Future of eLearning in Healthcare”

SUMMARY:  AMVONET today released “The Future of eLearning in Healthcare,” an infographic displaying the latest trends and challenges facing the healthcare industry and the need to alternative to traditional training techniques.  Unique eLearning opportunities can help organizations overcome financial, legislative and environmental issues.  

Alliance, OH, August 19, 2013 – Alliance-based AMVONET announces the release of a new infographic showcasing the future of eLearning in the Healthcare industry.  Providing a unique snapshot of the legislative changes and their impact on healthcare training, the infographic illustrates:

  • The ever-increasing healthcare training needs,
  • E-Learning solutions that overcome traditional classroom limitations,
  • The financial impact and savings of instituting distance learning methods,
  • And much more.

The infographic can be downloaded at .

“The U.S. healthcare industry is ever-changing and continually impacted by the legislature and the growing aging population,” comments AMVONET President Vadim Eelen.  “Our goal is to assist the healthcare industry by providing streamlined training for medical professionals while keeping costs down.”  Distance learning opportunities and virtual classroom technology like AMVONET assist healthcare organizations in training their personnel efficiently and effectively.  Streamlining instruction, providing powerful assessments and flexible scheduling allows healthcare professionals to provide the very best care to their patients while staying apprised of new technology and trends in their industry.  Current AMVONET client, Liz Getz, CIO of Aultman Hospital commented, “The AMVONET learning content management system will decrease the time and cost for the creation and delivery of our training content and communication for the needs of our doctors, nurses and staff members.”

AMVONET is an active participant in the e-learning market, delivering services to healthcare, corporate and higher education clients in addition to selling innovative products such as its fully-integrated software suite, the AMVONET Learning Content Management System.