SIS Partners with AMVONET to Launch New LCMS for Partner XE Clients

Strategic Insurance Software’s Partner XE clients will now have the benefit of a Learning Content Management System (LCMS), backed by the award winning and affordable AMVONET software.

The SIS/AMVONET solution will enable independent insurance agencies of all sizes to streamline business operations, manage workflow changes, improve employee communication, and increase overall employee performance all at the fraction of the cost of a traditional LCMS. It will also serve as the digital foundation of SIS’ new Partner Learning Center.

“SIS strives to provide value to our clients, and this partnership will do just that,“ said SIS CEO, Alex Deak. “AMVONET is an innovative, scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use LCMS that will improve efficiencies and increase our clients’ productivity. SIS can deliver learning content for Partner XE and partner services via AMVONET on an on-demand basis for a single user or in a classroom format as needed. We can also verify learning retention through assessments at key points in the process.”

A LCMS is a Web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. It provides learners with the ability to use interactive features, such as threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums.

“We are very proud and excited to be working with SIS to provide Partner XE clients with a comprehensive LCMS,” said AMVONET SVP of Sales and Marketing, Chris Kiminas. “Providing Partner XE clients with our innovative AMVONET software suite consisting of an e-learning management system, live web-conferencing, virtual classroom solution, and content-authorizing application will enable them to educate their employees on several facets of the insurance industry and allow their businesses to grow.”

The new AMVONET LCMS will provide Partner XE clients with the ability to easily adapt and reuse material over time to train new employees or enhance the understanding of concepts for tenured employees. Learners review material at their own pace and lessons can be repeated until full understanding is attained. Participation and scoring can be tracked, providing agency owners and administrators insight into the performance of their employees.

Components on the Partner XE LCMS include:

  • Upload and manage documents containing curriculum content
  • Delivery of course content on the Web (i.e. remote participation by both instructor and learner)
  • Creation and publication of course calendars.
  • Interaction among learners through instant messaging, email, and discussion forums.
  • Methods of assessment and knowledge checks through quizzes.
  • Pre-designed lessons explaining updates and changes to the Partner XE system.

“Providing our clients with all of the tools necessary to succeed is always at the forefront of our mind,” said SIS Director of Client Services, Tami Scott. “AMVONET integrates the full functionality of a LMS, synchronous live classroom, and session recording, providing Partner XE users with a LCMS containing content delivery in multiple formats. Users will benefit from learning tools such as videos, webinars, a virtual classroom, written documentation, and assessments.”

Cultural trends in technology and business are favoring the increase of collaborative, web-based applications, user-oriented design, and other features that encourage learning in an electronic environment. The Partner XE LCMS, powered by AMVONET, will enable agency owners to share a great amount of learning content with all employees on a digital level. Learners can review material at their own pace and repeat lessons until full understanding in attained. As modifications and updates are made to the Partner XE system, agencies will receive pre-designed lessons explaining the changes and how business operations might need to be modified.

About SIS: Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, SIS is the team behind Partner XE insurance software- an innovative web-based insurance agency management system that helps independent agencies streamline workflow and grow their business. Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. For more information, visit

About AMVONET: Alliance, Ohio-based AMVONET has created a comprehensive, integrated software suite consisting of an e-learning management system, a live web-conferencing and virtual classroom solution, and a content-authoring application. In addition to the K-12 and higher education markets, AMVONET offers distance-learning business and healthcare solutions for continuing education, corporate training, online collaboration and interactive recordings. AMVONET’s online system provides educators and trainers with everything they need to create, manage and share multimedia course content. For more information, visit