What is an Online Collaboration & Delivery Platform and Why You Need One?

SUMMARY:  AMVONET today released “Online Collaboration & Delivery Platform and Why You Need One?”

A unique infographic defining and illustrating the importance of Online Collaboration and Delivery in today’s classrooms. A complete eLearning Solution for K-12, Healthcare, Corporate Training and Higher Education, AMVONET provides the ideal distance learning environment.

Alliance, OH, October 24, 2013 – Alliance-based AMVONET announces the release of a unique new infographic which illustrates the importance of online collaboration and delivery for today’s classrooms.  The ideal solution for K-12, healthcare, corporate training and higher education, the AMVONET platform is the complete eLearning solution for today’s evolving classroom.  The infographic provides a look at distance learning delivered in an on-demand, asynchronous solution.  Supplemented by commentary and statistics from corporate trainers and higher education experts, the infographic showcases why eLearning is here to stay and why collaborative learning is crucial to the student’s success.

The infographic can be downloaded at http://www.amvonet.com/resource-center/infographics/.  Chris Kiminas, CEO of AMVONET shares, “No matter the industry, distance learning is here to stay.  From a kindergarten classroom to a unique healthcare training environment, eLearning with AMVONET provides a collaborative, easy to use, comprehensive and affordable option for any institution.  The AMVONET platform is an integrated tool which delivers streamlined instruction, flexible scheduling, multi-media capabilities and more.”

As quoted in “The Flipped Classroom: A New Way to Look at Schools”, educator, consultant and author Aaron Sams comments, “Students are more engaged in my class now that technology has allowed me to flip the classroom. It’s great to see the ‘light bulb ah-ha’ moments when students are working collaboratively.”

AMVONET is an active participant in the e-learning market, delivering services to healthcare, corporate and higher education clients in addition to selling innovative products such as its fully-integrated software suite, the AMVONET Learning Content Management System.