The nursing profession is one of the most stressful in America.

The nursing profession is one of the most stressful in America. Shift-work hours, overtime, compassion fatigue, burnout and conflict make it difficult to take care of self. This lack of wellness can render any nurse ineffective at work and affected at home by a body that is unwell. Contrary to popular opinion, medical professionals are not “know-it-alls” with regard to their own health nor are they formally taught to take care of themselves. Unresponsive administration and ailing patients compound these stressors that cause serious health conditions in the very people who are delivering loving care for others—yet are simply considered part of the job.

But there is better-than-good news. The contemporary health and fitness industry has churned out qualified professionals to help nurses reduce stress hormones, 3-17-2016 2-43-24 PMadjust sleep, balance nutrition and increase exercise levels. And the fields of psychology, sociology and neurology provide insight into why we do what we do (and sometimes don’t do what we should).

Andrew Garrison (MS, CPT HC) is the President & CEO of BodyFacts™ Wellness Services, a consultation company focused on the world’s most stressful jobs. Garrison trains organizations in stress-reduction techniques that promote wellness skills such as process knowledge to combat negative thinking, self-examination to identify and weed out the blind spots, barriers and burdens that interfere with wellness, and social collaboration through ethical interactions at work and home.

His book, Wellness In Mind: Your Brain’s Surprising Secrets to Gaining Health from the Inside Out with Dr. Sally Severino, melds effective content and process knowledge to gain wellness through intra and interpersonal skills. By enhancing “think, say, do” behaviors that cultivate wellness in all your environments and relationships.

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