How eLearning Can Quickly Support the Development of Corporate Leaders

Companies are under increasing pressure to quickly develop leaders who can use their growing skills to help businesses remain profitable in tough economic times.

Traditional training methods are time consuming and costly – two factors that could hinder a business and possibly erode its competitive edge.

But companies have affordable options through eLearning systems that are flexible enough to accommodate many training needs regardless of company’s size and number of locations.

Businesses seem willing to make investments in training. After a decline in spending, training budgets have increased 9.5%, according to The Corporate Learning Factbook® 2012 from Bersin & Associates, a research and advisory consulting firm.

The report notes that companies face a skills gap and a labor shortage, prompting businesses to direct considerable attention to internal training. To help make training more efficient, businesses are turning to eLearning and other options so they can scale their training.

Through eLearning, companies can easily roll out new training with a learning content management system (LCMS). The evolving technology allows organizations to reference one central place or database while creating, reusing, storing, managing and cohesively distributing vast amounts of digital content in multiple learning formats.

A LCMS is flexible enough to accommodate different types of learning, including a structure for self-paced instruction.

To give future leaders the knowledge that they need, companies can tap outside experts to deliver training in eLearning environments rather than relying only on internal teams of instructors.

Companies should also take a close look at software applications known as authoring tools that support instructors who need to rapidly create, edit and test eLearning content. Tools range from screen recording technology to course design software.

Given its flexibility, eLearning is an ideal way for companies to quickly develop training content that’s well suited for the next generation of corporate leaders who work in different offices around the world.