HiVelocity: Interview with Nikita

Meet Nikita Eelen, co-founder of AMVONET, an e-learning management software suite.

What is AMVONET?

nikitaAMVONET is a comprehensive e-learning management, collaboration and authoring software suite. AMVONET allows you to create and manage content, assessments and certificates. You can manage students, their grades and generate progress reports. Web conferencing is built into the system. The virtual classroom tools include audio and video, text chat, whiteboards, screen share, PowerPoint presentations and a seamless integration with Moodle. Any live session in AMVONET can be recorded, edited and packaged into a SCORM Compliant file. AMVONET is an ideal solution for K-12, higher ed, and corporate education and training.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea originated throughout five years of Vadim’s [Nikita’s father] experience in implementing digital technology into the preforming arts. Vadim wanted to be able to teach a variety of students all over the world. However, initially the system was a prototype developed primarily for webinar type situations. It just evolved into what it is today based on our experience of what the market demands from e-learning software — a single combined package for distance and hybrid based e-learning.

What was the biggest surprise in starting your business?

Likely the biggest surprise was learning how to do everything, as it is our first software company. When you look at it from the sidelines it seems so easy, but it took years of experience to truly understand what it means to start and grow a start up from scratch.

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