AMVONET is proud to announce a partnership with the TAEC, a company in Mexico City, Mexico.


Advanced Technology for Education and Training, better known as TAEC management team combines over 20 years of experience in the IT industry with strong academic and training backgrounds. Our advisory board includes some of the best-known names in education, training and development in Mexico and elsewhere. Our partners are among the most innovative companies in the world and we proud to become partners with AMVONET, said Victor Sanchez Bures, Director General of TAEC.

AMVONET is integrated with Moodle and provides a powerful set of tools for management of educational process, creation and delivery of educational content, as well as live and on demand communication. Vadim Eelen, president of AMVONET, says that: “it is wonderful to have a partner who will represent  AMVONET in Mexico. Lately we see a great interest in AMVONET product from clients in Spanish speaking countries and partnership with TAEC a great opportunity to provide AMVONET services in Mexico. We are looking forward to many years of successful collaboration with TAEC.”

For more information about TAEC, please visit the TAEC website at