AMVONET is proud to announce a partnership with the ScholKaans S.L., an e-learning company in Cantabria, Spain.

scholkaanas-amvonet-partnerScholKaans S.L. will ensure that even more Spanish users install and use the AMVONET solution. “AMVONET will help ScholKaans accomplish its goal by providing their clients with a tightly integrated learning management system, web conferencing platform, and a content authoring set of tools”, said Adolfo Fernandez, the President of ScholKaans. ScholKaans provides assistance for e-learning programs in any phase, whether from scratch or by adapting and complementing an existing program.

AMVONET is integrated with Moodle and provides a powerful set of tools for both live and on demand web conferencing and content creation. Vadim Eelen, president of AMVONET, says that: “Establishing a partnership with ScholKaans is one step forward to be be able to introduce and support the AMVONET platform throughout Spain. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship with ScholKaans. We are glad to spread the AMVONET platform throughout all the regions of Spain.”

For information in Spanish, please visit the ScholKaans website at