AMVONET is proud to announce a partnership with the Nivel 7 Ltd, a company in Bogota, Colombia.

nivel7-amvonet-partner1Now Nivel 7 will ensure that even more Latin American users install and use the AMVONET solution. “AMVONET is a unique integrated solution that will be a great addition to many companies that uses Nivel 7 services”, said Jose Diaz, the VP of business development for Nivel 7.

AMVONET is integrated with Moodle and provides a powerful set of tools for both live and on demand web conferencing and content creation. Vadim Eelen, president of AMVONET, says that: “it is great to establish a partnership with Nivel 7 and it’s a wonderful opportunity for AMVONET to expand its services to Latin America. The Spanish localization of AMVONET is one of the important localizations to reach out to the entire Spanish speaking population around the world. We are looking forward to many years of successful collaboration with Nivel 7.”

For information in Spanish, please visit the Nivel 7 website at Nivel 7 is a premier Moodle partner and provider of educational technology in Colombia and Latin America.