AMVONET announces the release of a new version of the AMVONET Bridge for Moodle 2.x.

amvonet1MVONET has achieved unprecedented integration with the open source Moodle LMS. The AMVONET development and administration staff have a core pedagogy for online education and apply that to all the features in the AMVONET Suite.

The suite of features that AMVONET integrates with in Moodle includes the grade book, attendance, assessments, files, activities, and much more. AMVONET enriches Moodle with web conferencing and content authoring tools. AMVONET is a comprehensive e-learning management, collaboration and authoring software suite. AMVONET will enable you to Manage, Connect and Publish in a virtual or brick and mortar classroom using a unique combination of multimedia and communication tools.

AMVONET solves the challenges of distance learning. AMVONET Core Functions The functions of AMVONET include: Content delivery, Content creation, Integration with LMS functions, Live classroom and collaboration, Recording and editing classes, Interactive Points, Mixing web based and multimedia resources

AMVONET includes everything a teacher and student needs to attend class, participate in class, interact with teachers and other students, create content and manage nearly every aspect of the educational process.

Digital learning institutions can experience a significant return on investment through the use of AMVONET. Online offerings help to attract new students and traditional classrooms will retain existing students. AMVONET can also help to reduce costs associated with course content acquisition, storage and delivery.