AMVONET announced today that it has signed a multi-year agreement with the Aultman Health Foundation.

aultman-amvonet-bigThe Aultman Health Foundation is a network consisting of Aultman Hospital, Aultman Orrville Hospital, AultCare managed care health plan organization   and Aultman College. AMVONET’s learning content management system (LCMS) will be utilized by all the entities of the foundation including doctors, nurses, staff, students and faculty.

Liz Getz, CIO of Aultman Hospital said, “The AMVONET learning content management system will decrease the time and cost for the creation and delivery of our training content and communication for the needs of our doctors, nurses and staff members.”

“AMVONET will be used for the development and deployment of online programs for students and faculty in Aultman College”, says Jacqui Schmotzer, manager of Information technology at Aultman’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

“We are very pleased with the highly secure integration of the AMVONET solution with our hospital portal. I give an A+ to the professional quality of the services that were performed by the AMVONET team and we are happy with its deployment. Our doctors, nurses, and staff members started utilizing AMVONET at the beginning of this year.” – Said John Hoover, the development coordinator at the Aultman Health Foundation.

“We are extremely excited to be working with the Aultman foundation and we are looking forward to provide our new client network  with a highly secure, cloud based environment. We also will provide the AULTMAN Foundation with excellent service and support which is extremely important for the demands of modern medical services and medical education in the United States.” – said Vadim Eelen president of AVE Intervision Network.  

ABOUT Aultman Health Foundation:

The Aultman Health Foundation provides health care, health insurance and nursing education in Ohio’s Stark County. Aultman hospital named a top 50 heart hospital in the U.S. The health organization operates Aultman Hospital, which has more than 800 beds and was founded in 1892. As Stark County’s largest hospital, it offers specialty services in such areas as cancer therapy, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and cardiovascular care. The health care system also includes urgent care community health centers, physical therapy facilities, and Aultman Woodlawn, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility with 90 beds that also provides home health and hospice services. Established in 1985, the foundation’s AultCare affiliate provides managed care health plans to more than 500,000 participants. Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences is a health care affiliated institution of higher learning with a celebrated history in professional education since 1892 when the Aultman Hospital School of Nursing was founded. TO learn more about entities please visit their websites by clicking on web addresses below.