Comprehensive e-­learning solutions, unprecedented course management system integration

AMVONET is an innovative e-­learning solution. It successfully integrates the full functionality of your LMS, the AMVONET synchronous live classroom and session recorder, and the AMVONET content editor and publisher. AMVONET delivers significant returns ranging from increases in teacher productivity and efficiency to student engagement and performance.


Bridge in and out of your LMS:

  • Eliminates need for storing multiple copies of course content
  • Allows for grade book entry during live class instruction
  • Transfer student responses during live or recorded session playback into your LMS grade book
  • Facilitates single sign on, allowing access to multiple systems


  • Manage academic calendar
  • Create tests, quizzes, activities
  • Manage the grade book
  • Communicate with students
  • Manage course content database


  • Retrieve assignments
  • Review Grades
  • Communicate with instructor
  • Manage calendar / activities
  • Update E-­Portfolio



  • Review / discuss / distribute course materials – Live or On‐Demand
  • Interact with students
  • Assess student learning at the point of learning
  • Administer tests, quizzes, surveys
  • Record lessons for playback


  • Participate in Class
  • Interact with Instructor / Students
  • Complete assignments |Access recorded lessons 24/7


  • Create, edit and publish interactive: lessons, “text books” and learning modules using an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Build Interactive Points that launch student activities and learning assessments that guide / control student progress through content
  • Use content from a variety of sources: current course materials, third party web content, etc.